Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cafe-Surfing V.02 : Lair of Laziness Cafe

Last time was an adventure to a Cat's den. This time around was into a Dog's den. With the help of Mrs. Instagram and Mr. Google map, I found another interesting cafe around Bangkok, LOL Cafe or "Lair of Laziness" Cafe.  This cafe houses dogs with breeds of Siberian husky, Golden retriever, Poodle, Alaskan Malamute, and Labrador. Similar to any Pet cafes, protocol is to take off your shoes and wash your hands upon entering the cafe. There is also a waiting game involved. Since this place is just near Silom BTS station, people, may it be local Thai or even foreigners, find this secluded dog paradise at Soi 4 very accommodating. 

The cafe is located in a narrow alley at Soi 4 and surrounded with  different thai body spas and streetfood carts. At first glance of its location, you wouldn't expect that there lies a Dog cafe. They only offer drinks in their menu. You can choose either hot or cold coffee, or fruit shakes in an affordable price. Some of you might wonder why do they only offer drinks for their customers, that's because if there setup would be similar to Caturday, it would probably be a riot inside the cafe. Dogs at LOL Cafe are huge! They're not your ordinary dogs, they aren't teacup puppies or chiwawa doggies.

One interesting thing about visiting LOL Cafe, is the overwhelming feeling that you'll have when you are surrounded by different kind of dogs in one place without seeing them fight with each other. I guess if you are working there as a waiter/waitress, it is an advantage that you know how to handle them. Making sure that they are tamed but not getting their adorable-factor out of the window. As long as you are gentle and caring, they won't hurt you.


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