Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life at the Beach!

A 3-day break from the city lights and city rush.
                                       Headed to the south part of Negros, lies Guimaras Island.
White sand, and crystal clear waters.
Our co-teachers at SCB planned for this getaway and we just hitched on.
Backpack, money, camera, monopoly, vodka.
                                                 Essential things to carry for a short getaway.

                                 We rode a pump boat, which traveled almost 2 and a half hour.
Soaked with beach breeze and finally arrived at Guimaras.
Rode a tricycle going to Guisi and looked for a place to stay.

Our room has 2 big beds and is good for 7-8 persons.
Price was good and affordable.

While we were on the ocean.

Guisi, Guimaras.

Sissy Pose.

Can't stop smiling.

Nearly sunset and played with shadows.

First day sunset.

Breakfast for everyone. Native style.

Dropped by at their Lighthouse.

Window pane pose.

Guisi Lighthouse. Spiral stairs.


Upon entering.

Island hopping at Day 2.

Waves keep on crashing.

Paparazzi shot.

Lean your back and relax.

Flat bellies. 

Monopoly card game by the beach. Waiting for the sunset.

Sunset. Finally.

Strategy game. Monopoly. Would you dare?

Last Day. Last stroll b the beach.

Fresh Buko for sale.

Dropped by at Trappist. Souvenir shop.

Le Beach Life.