Monday, September 14, 2015

Cafe-Surfing V.01 : Caturday Cafe

I am a cat lover. I've been one eversince I was a little kid. I like how their cute little paws look like, how they sleep in and purr, how sofisticated they look and move as if they live in time of Cleopatra. 

It was sort of a dream for me to visit a Cat cafe and thanks to Mr. Google and Mrs. Instagram, I finally found one. The first cafe I visited in Bangkok, Caturday Cafe. It is located  just right after you go down in Saladaeng BTS. From the station, it's just a two-minutes walk and then you'll see their signboard hanging. Arriving at the cafe, you could see a queue of people, mostly couples, tourists or group of friends waiting for their turn to go inside. At the door, a guy whose wearing an apron will take your name, list it on a piece of paper and will tell you to wait in line. The cafe was jam packed when we came and we waited for almost 10 minutes until it was our turn. Protocol was to take our shoes off, wash our hands and we're safe to go in. I was all giddy and excited upon entering the cafe. I could see the cats just roaming around, sleeping on the corners and just there waiting to be petted. We were located near their sleeping hub. There was a good number of kitty-cats, around 15 of them. The setup of the cafe is to let  the customers sit on the floor with small tables and cute cushions. Encouraging us to interact with the cats who happens to be just roaming around. 

There were a variety of cats, from kittens to mid-adult and adult cats, but I noticed one thing about them. Whenever someone attempts to pet them or even just gently touch them, they tend to avoid. I guess they are just stressed out from the fact that a lot of people goes in and out of the cafe. Too much exposure to people tends to keep them aloof and most of them sleep rather than interacting with humans. Its like they had enough of people rushing into them, trying to pet them, get a hold of them or take a picture with them. I can clearly see that they don't like it. So as a concerned human, I respect how they snob us and just go sleep in their kitty-cat caves. 

Here are some of the food we ordered on their menu. Price was reasonable because of the opportunity given to the customers is not ordinary. You get to sip coffee and eat a cake while some cute-cuddly-cats amaze you by their presence. You can't just resist to pet them and take a photo of them. 


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