Monday, September 14, 2015

Cafe-Surfing in Bangkok

The french word "Cafe" means, coffee or coffeehouse, originated way back from early 19th century. Now that it is a global trend around the world, there has been a lot of cafés right in the heart of every city. May it be a laidback cafe, themed cafe, artsy one, or anything that you could imagine, cafés do exist to please each kind of coffee lover. 

Coffee, cakes, smoothies, french macaroons, it and for sure it will complete the ambiance you seek whenever you set foot inside a cafe.

As for me, everytime I get to see a coffee shop, It feels like something's pulling me to go and try what's in store. I can't resist myself from my own curiousity to get a taste of what they offer. Since I'm a coffee-cake-pastry-lover, I told myself to go out the city and go Cafe-surfing. This blog will keep a list of all the "I've-been-to", "soon-to-visit" or "my-next-stop" cafés around the corners of Bangkok. I know for sure that in every street or corner of this city will unveil a secret place to cove in. 

Let the Cafe-Surfing begin!

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