Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Photoshoot Day

Random Photoshoot Day with my friend Lui.
We met at the mall and decided where to go for a random photoshoot. First idea was on a graffiti wall, but had a hard time thinking Where. Second was a city-scene / street-scene, so we thought about Goldenfield 'cause the streets there are not busy (plus the time, it was noon and their streets are busy at the night, so few cars are passing by). 

First stop was at Goldenfield. We found a closed store and took some shots on their roll-up.

Second stop was at the old airport. We looked for the security guard to ask permission upon entering the runway and the head of the office permitted us.

After that shoot, i really felt my face got sun-stoked! But we really had fun walking and taking pictures under the sun!

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