Friday, December 6, 2013

Wreck it like you're 23!

A few days before my birthday, my sister and I were talking about what-surprise-will-you-do-to-surprise-me-on-my-birthday thingy before boarding to dreamland. Ideas came in raging from nowhere. Face props, photo wall, mixed drinks, beer pong, crepe papers on the stairs, pizza and other random things to do on that day.  I somehow got ideas from Nylon magazine (one of my favorite magazines), tumblr, and some just popped on my head.
It's so ironic that we plan on how to surprise the birthday girl, myself.
It was a random-tumblrish-inspired-party that we've decided to do, and i named it
"Wreck it like you're 23"
What a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! (<----insert poker-face here) 
November 7-8 was the peak of the typhoon. It was raining hard and the trees shook up by strong winds. That was also the same time that we're on our bed sinking deep into sleep. It was like a lullaby. 
I know that we were lucky that time because we still had our roofs on, walls still firm, and no flood came in on our doorsteps, but for other people that lost their loved ones and their homes, it was just a sad fact. 
Before this blog turns out to be an essay, let me continue how i spent my special day. Keep Reading. eyes on the next line.
After that scary Yolanda, the sun rose up and brighten my special day, November 9.
Still got no electricity that day and no battery on my phone, but still Yolanda didn't stop me from celebrating my 23rd birthday. Before my battery got emptied, I texted my friends to come over to my house. I even told them that if it will still rain hard, they must go here! LOL just kiddin' haha I told them to be prepared but it was a brighty-sunshiney day for us. 
So, i prepped up our small room upstairs, ripped off magazine pages for my photo wall,  mixed drinks and waited for the pizza to arrive. Below is the formula in making the MDBP: 

MDBP = mountain dew + vodka / pineapple + vodka  
(short for Mixed Drinks-Beer Pong)
Tidbit about this formula, first application of this was when we were at Guimaras for a short vacay. We brought vodka on a mineral bottle with us, got nothing to mix it with, and only mountain dew soda was available. Mixed Vodka and the soda, added ice and the result was we got tipsy by the beach. And that was the origin of MDBP.

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