Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hangover-October: Masskaraland 2013

Masskaraland 2013

Going back to Masskara, Bacolod did an epic celebration for the Silver Masskara Festival.
The famous tourism strip also known as the Lacson Street was closed for three days from 4:00pm onwards.
Stages are set along the street and when the night comes, the party starts!
October 18, 19 and 20 are the highlights of Masskara and I wasn't absent from those days!

Let's start off from
Day 01: Friday, October 18.
Before that day, we were busy looking for a mask because we're supposed to go to Art District wearing a mask. My sister and I along with my friend had dinner at Kenaji at Lacson. We also met with other friends there. After dinner my friend and I went separate ways to meet my friend's co-workers. We strolled along Lacson to find a good spot to chill.
When we found a spot we ordered beer and good thing we were infront of a stage and the DJ's playing cool mixes. We didn't notice that we had 4 bottles of cold beer already and we didn't feel tipsy or something at all. Maybe because we kept on going back and forth to the comfort room. That explains it lol.

Photos up!
Me feeling a kiddo! Imagine if I accidentally let go of the balloons, maybe i'll be walking home without any money on my pocket haha!

At Art District for the Masskarave Masquerade party.
nevermind the creepy image at our back, its too early for halloween i guess haha!

With my friend Drixzel and some of the BCYD or Bacolod Circle of Yong Designers, Steve and Kym.

Took a picture with, i don't know what to call him, Masked-man. 

Here's the spot i'm talking about. Perfect spot for a dance with a cold beer in hand ;))

Day 01 of Masskaraland....

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