Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hangover-October: Mid-Year Program

Mid-Year Program

October is a month not to be forgotten. Why is that so?.. because when October comes, its a whole month celebration of our City of Smile, its simply means MASSKARA!

So let me tell you how my October went through.
First, it was one of the busiest month of work. I mean, tell me about all the school's preparation for our Mid-Year program. Busy as hell but at the same time really happy.
Since, my sister and I belonged to the Visuals Team, we joined forces with our co-teacher, Teacher Bea to do the backdrop of the program.
The program itself was titled "My World". The idea revolves around the different professions common in the surrounding. For example, my Gummi and Teddy bears class was The Sailors. Other classes was Painters, Athletes, Rockstars, Chefs and Bakers, Artists, and Builders. Each class wore their costume according to what profession they belong.
Last October 21 was the day of the program. It was held at Casa Maria Prayer house and here are some of the pictures taken during the program.

As a ritual, since we are new teachers at SCB, we danced as part of the program. Pony-tailed our hair and we looked like 5-year-old kids again!

And while waiting for our turn to dance on the stage, here are my students!

Selfie-pose with Teacher Bea and Teacher Jestine!
Here is the whole stage for the program. All sweat and all Saturday overtime was worth it. Gigantic Football, Painter's Palette, Boat, Cupcake, and etc. 

So this is the first stop of my Hangover-October!

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