Monday, December 23, 2013

Halloween Party @ Mushu

Another time of the year where you got a chance to wear your other personality.
A time for costumes, movie character and famous celebrity icons.

Steve was a Nomad and I was Audrey Hepburn without the gloves.
Got no gloves so, i just went out like I came from a debut party. 

DJs wearing Super Mario and Penguin costumes 
while getting the crowd hype up to their remixes.

Saw Troy holding on his Red horse bottle. 
lol still he got this Troy-ish aura.

With much effort on his Crepe costume, we want to eat him!

DJ Anton heating the crowd and getting hyped on his mixes!

Can't blame the crowd, we did enjoy the music!

Unexpectedly met my elementary friend Christy, we haven't seen each other
for a very long time.

The night ended with our hungry tummies.
Dropped by at KFC to grab some food.

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