Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Taste of Malaysia

This is the first country I'm setting my foot on. This is Kuala Lumpur. Just a little taste of how I spent my two weeks at Malaysia. 

Almost 8:00pm we are driving from KL Airport to Neo Damansara. Its 8pm but the sun is on its way settling down the cosmic clouds and sky high buildings. 
Roads were busy with rushing cars on the highway and crossing skyways. 

For two weeks we stayed at Neo Damansara. Just a 20-30 minute LRT ride from the heart of the city. 
This makes the LRT station scenic, black and white effect makes any photo dramatic. 
You can go to any city in Malaysia with Rapid KL LRT. Takes just a couple of minutes and viola! You're on your destination. 

First stop. The most infamous tower. Kuala Lumpur's Twin Towers. Located at KL Central. 
Nevermind me blocking the view. Its hard to take a photo of it. Trying to fit these two tall towers in one single frame. Distance and good angle is the key. After we took some photo-op, honestly we havent known where to go next. So we just went inside the mall and killed time until our tired feet decided to go take the LRT and snooze off to Neo Damansara. 

Second, Batu Caves. 
Before you enter the cave, you need to take the 200-step stairs. Along the stairs you can interact with some monkeys. Some of them are friendly, some are just snatching food from you. I suggest you bring somethig to give to the monkeys along the stairs. You can't escape from them. 

Upon entering the cave, you'll see some people praying at small altars, mostly tourists taking photos and wandering around the cave. 

Third, Petaling Street or Chinatown. Here you can see a lot of souvenir shops having a lot of things to choose from. Keychains, bags, authentic Malaysian textiles, Oldtown coffee, and a whole lot more. You can also see different kinds of food, mostly Chinese or Indian food, or ty also have Mcdonalds and KFC if you crave for fastfood. 

Well I havent mentioned anything about food. As you know, Malaysia is inter-racial. Malays, Chinese, and Indians. So, expect to have a feast. Let's start off with my top food on the list. 
First Malaysian food I ate. Kiampong rice (thought it was spelled as Kamphong rice), anyways this is my fave. According to google, its recipe originated from Chinese cuisine and some says its from Filipino too. 
Second on the list is Fried breaded Cuttlefish. I could still remember its sweet after taste. Perfect combination with Kiampong rice and a bottle of Pepsi. 
Third, The Steam boat. Street food buffet. A variety of streetfood to choose from. From seafood to meat balls, to classic i-don't-know-which-part-is-this-from, choose what you like...Mr. Steamboat got it. 

Your malaysia trip will never be complete without trying their own version of milk tea. Its an Indian drink named Tea Tarek. You can choose if you want it hot or cold. 

Breakfast is served. This is Roti. Indian food which is mostly served as breakfast. It is made of flour and butter similar to crepe but with curry sauce and some spice. When ordering roti, you can choose if you want something inside your roti, a banana, egg, or just plain roti. Perfect drink will be a tea Tarek for roti.

If you are craving for rice or a full meal, try eating Nasi Lemak. Rice and spicy chicken with sauce and peanuts. 

The most famous soup in malaysia, Tom Yam. Sounds like a name of a person right? Noodles with spice and thick sauce similar to Nasi lemak sauce. You can choose if you want the spice to be moderate or too spicy. They also use thick noodles. 
After experiencing malaysia, I will always be a fan of Tea Tarek, Roti Bam, Kiampong rice, and fried cuttlefish. This trip seems short but everything is worth it. 

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